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Ravi Kiran

Image by Arka Roy

empty field
this longing to be
someone's something

making a door
out of the cocoon
out of myself

Image by matthew Feeney
Forest Run

jogger's park
a man chases his dog
chases a squirrel

rose stalk
this struggle
to let go

Image by Meghan Schiereck
Flying playing cards

fault in our stars
a house of cards

Ravi Kiran: Arts Articles
Ravi Kiran profile pic.jpg

Ravi Kiran is an Electronics Engineer and is a working professional. All things Japanese - from Bonsai to Japanese kitchen knives fascinate him. Haiku – which is a journey for Ravi is also a means of unwinding in the midst of his professional routine. Ravi’s haiku are featured in leading international journals like The Heron’s Nest, Modern Haiku, Frogpond, Presence, Prune Juice, Wales Haiku Journal, Failed Haiku among others.

Ravi Kiran: Text
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