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Image by Timothy Eberly

Autumnal Manoeuvre

Transformation can be a painstaking process, but eventually, cathartic. Removing veneers from the face that defines your true self, is truly liberating. ‘Autumnal Manoeuvre’ describes the travails experienced in this emancipating and healing process.

There is little

in the name of tangible objects

that can comfort me

A lot is gradually shifting

inside of me

with autumnal manoeuvre of wind

Temporary home of my soul

craves dissociation

from invisible mortal wounds

Shattered promises

merged with the pathways

where unfulfilled dreams once lay

Time, like an evil djinn,

doesn’t let the future arrive

until present becomes past

Unthinkingly erasing

the labels of relationships

that once defined my identity

Sliver of moon

in the darkness of night

defines the traces of my life story

Autumnal Manoeuvre: Welcome
Suneet Madan Profile.JPG

A multipotentialite, Suneet Madan is forever connecting the life dots with insatiable curiosity. Over the years, she has evolved as a poetess to develop a style of her own, expressing myriad thoughts in a minimalistic manner. She has won many awards and laurels in poetry. Her works have been widely anthologized. A travel-buff, Suneet’s exposure to different cultures and rituals has enriched her in multiple ways, impressions and expressions of which can be found extensively in her artworks and writings.

Autumnal Manoeuvre: Text
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