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Arvinder Kaur



the fly around my nose 

so full of life

imaginary class 

my daughter’s life lessons 

to plastic students 

Image by Teo Zac
Image by Courtney Cook

the shape 

my life could have taken 

pottery class

a farewell 

to so many dreams 

ruins of war

Image by Cosmin Gurau

a raven’s flight 

past the twilight moon 


Arvinder Kaur: Arts Articles
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Arvinder Kaur specialises in English literature and Media Studies which she taught in Post Graduate Colleges of Punjab and Chandigarh. Later she retired as Principal from Govt College Dera Bassi. Punjab.She has a passion for Japanese short form poetry. “ I can never get tired  of exploring the depths and the mysteries of this genre “ , she says.She is fascinated by the sunsets and by the jacaranda blossoms. She lives in Chandigarh with her family.

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