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Image by Kym MacKinnon

Cosmic View

The poet draws up some breath-taking images of natural beauty and sets them in lyrical verse. The image of an evening where stars gather on tiptoe, walks the reader into a world of calm beauty and serene charm.


above the railroad hill

stars gather on tiptoe

to wink or stare

us closer. 

At the proud top  

we’re precious 

little nearer stars, moon

than where we stood 


And though we read

the moon keeps moving

two inches

farther from Earth

each year

its long quivery fingers 

still braid us quick 

with silver

before a train whistles

us home.

Cosmic View: Welcome
Writing an application

Carol Kanter's  poetry has appeared in over seventy journals and anthologies.

She describes her poetry as “accessible.” She and her photographer

husband have put together three art books on Africa; India, Nepal and

Bhutan; and SE Asia. See

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