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Bryan Rickert 

Cleaning Materials

cleaning house
a pile of words
I can’t take back

her apology
the parts I know
by heart

Image by Toa Heftiba
Image by Elizabeth Kay

a little
after the fact
caution tape

empty well
the sound of my wish
hitting bottom

Image by Maxime Bouffard
Image by Tahlia Doyle

the reasons I left
still remain

Bryan Rickert: Arts Articles
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Bryan Rickert has been published in a wide number of fine journals and anthologies. He is the Co-editor of Failed Haiku Senryu Journal and the editor at The Living Senryu Anthology. His haiku & senryu collection Fish Kite is available through Cyberwit Publishing. His book of link verse Just Dust and Stone with Peter Jastermsky is available through Velvet Dusk Publishing. His work was also selected for inclusion in A New Resonance, Volume 12.

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