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Stories of Fantasy, Romance, History

Fiction: Image
Image by Sean Mungur

The Solar Motel

Emil’s next-door neighbor Rob has a little secret. In a strange twist of events, Rob finds himself in a terrible bike accident near Solar Motel. But he cannot recall a thing about the accident. To his shock, Emil chances upon his bike, damaged beyond repair, in his garage. Are Emil and Rob puppets in the hands of a master puppeteer? Who is pulling the strings?

~Ilene Dube

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A mother’s death, even before she hit puberty, had pushed Vidya’s life into a dark, cavernous, claustrophobic cave. Will she emerge from the darkness and find her way in life or will her misadventure in school make that impossible for her?

~Chitra Singh

Image by Annie Spratt

Know thy Self

A riveting satire on the exaggerated strategies and tools used for becoming a popular commercial writer.

~Doug Jacquier

Image by David Wirzba

The Perfect Ending

The Earth has been ravaged by man's greed. The last man on earth finds himself face to face with the fruits of his misdeeds.

~Gomathi Sridevi

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