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Image by Josh Kahen

The Well

I wander in my dreams seeking it, I need it to flush away all of my pain and fear, to cleanse me

The moss-covered craggy edge, illuminated by the forest light slicing through the trees

The musty smell of the alga is overpowering, as is the turmoil inside my mind

Ancient stones, cold to the touch, as is my heart that hasn’t warmed since the pain and memories of tragic times

My tears erupt into a cascade of salt ladened sadness, falling silently into the abyss.

Twinkling light, then darkness, silent, mournful, reminding me of the dreams I hold, and the past darkness that must be banished

Fall, fall into the dark, cold, and murky waters, plunged deep, silence, as my soul’s rebirth begins

The rope of enlightenment lashes the pail of hope, pulling me back from the depths.

The well, forever sealed by a cover of serenity, darkness banished, my soul rescued.

I wander my dreams, my future paths drenched in cosmic light before me, I am complete again.

Poet's Note: The 'Well' is a poem looking at healing following trauma and is a reoccurring dream, so resonates my journey in life.

Image by Debby Hudson

Steve Ferrett, has been writing poetry for the last four years.  His poetry is influenced by his life experiences, in particular mental health. SteveI loves to write poetry when wandering in the beautiful Scottish countryside.  He lives and works in Buckie, a fishing town in-between Aberdeen and Inverness.

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