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Image by Steve Johnson

I wait for You

I have eaten a million suns

passing through the shattered

clouds of my soul; the cries of my

eternal days camouflaging the arcs

Of the dawn.


My heart has never let the mornings

blush in revelry.

I turn the pages of the rotten calendar,

whose ends the ants have forever

crushed into anonymity.

In the innumerable days that have

surpassed my senses;

I only perceive the blunt pain which

weighed me down in your thoughts.


Bushes have grown, babies into fertile mothers,

ages like blinks of my eyes have bygone; my heart is still still.

In the countless drops of rain that prospered 

your land, I see pebbles

sculpted with our rusted memories.

The shore which fed us love,

Now breeds the dead shells of time.

You and I lie lands apart,

where the rays of the sun, touching you ,

ignorantly vanish from my eyes.

Yet, I wait for you, rubbing my heart off the indomitable scars

the passing of time has sown in me.

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Saranya Narayanan is a Post Graduate holder in English Language and Literature and she is a former teacher at a school in her native town of Trivandrum, Kerala and is presently working as Language Specialist in an online platform. She is a passionate educator who loves to teach English language using modernist approaches. She is fond of reading and writing poetry and believes poetry is a companion to a passionate and a desperate soul. 

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