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Image by Robert Collins

Go Back

Giarol Grande: beloved park. Fields of poppies dazzled by the sun seem to flash. Sounds of birds and insects rhythm the footsteps and memories.

Running in the garden with fireflies and the screams of my playmates interested only in winning.

Here and only now I realize the impact that childhood games have had on my life.


poplar flakes

a return in to

the womb

Image by benjamin lehman


Many people think that a tattoo artist is a simple artist ready to satisfy any request, even the most unreasonable.

When I worked in a restaurant bar, I met one.

"I reject the demands of those who want tattoos on the face," he said.

I didn’t ask him why. I was just interested in debunking the idea that the tattoo artist was a simple artist.

I still think about the calm with which he sipped his beer.


the night

is too short


Barbara Gaiardoni @barbaragaiardoni is a 'Love Writer', author & painter. She has published in several markets. She lives in Verona City (Italy) and loves Art and good food. 

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