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Artwork: Harmeet Singh  & Rachna Singh

Editor Speak

April 2023

Ebony is an intriguing colour that encompasses the two opposing ends of life's spectrum. It reflects strength, wisdom, elegance as well as grim realities of life.  Gold on the other hand  is all about strength and prosperity. Ebony & Gold meet and merge in the April edition to offer a literary and artistic repast that reflects the truth of life.


The interview segment of Ebony & Gold features interviews with Haibun experts, Sean O'Connor and Richard Grahn as well as a tête-à-tête with Sandra Anfang, a poet & artist. Artists Richard Grahn & Kangkan Das brighten up the magazine with their beautiful colours and fabulous artworks. 


Our Poetry segment is a Haibun Special with poets-writers from across the world contributing to make it a rich literary carnival. Our fiction segment has some interesting and intriguing tales. Our creative non-fiction pulsates with energy and showcases some fine essays and musings, Book/Film Reviews, podcasts and Visual Art entertain as well as inspire introspection. The Montage segment showcases a short Telgu film 'Keshav' that throbs with mystery and dark energy. 


I am also delighted to inform our readers that The Wise Owl Team put together a Chapbook, 'The Ides of March Poetry Readings' which came together as an offshoot of the Ides of March poetry Readings session held on 18th March 2023 to celebrate poetry through the ages. The Digital edition can be downloaded from our website 


There's more!! Our anthology of short stories titled 'The Collectibles: Eclectic Tales of 2023' will be released shortly.

Hasta Mañana !  Till we meet again in our next edition.

The Interviews

Sean O'Connor.jpeg

The Interview: Sean O'Connor
An Irish author specializing in haibun, haiku, and zuihitsu.

The Wise Owl talks to Sean O'Connor, an award-winning Irish author specializing in haibun, haiku, and zuihitsu. He is founder and editor of The Haibun Journal, dedicated to the haibun form.  Sean has penned 4 books of which Fragmentation was the winner of the 2022 HSA Merit Book Award for Best Haibun Book. O’Connor was also awarded two Literature Bursaries by the Arts Council of Ireland (2021 and 2022). 

Tête-à-Tête: Richard Grahn

An American poet & Artist

The Wise Owl talks to Richard Grahn, an American poet and artist. Richard is the founder and developer of, and an active haibun, tanka prose, haiku/senryu, tanka, and haiga poet. Richard has authored several books including Peace, Fly on a Wall, Traveler, Longevity: Poems in the Key of Helen, and Perspective.


Tête-à-Tête: Sandra Anfang
A Poet & Artist

The Wise Owl talks to Sandra Anfang, a California-based poet, teacher, and artist. She has authored 4 poetry collections namely Looking Glass Heart (2016), Road Worrier (2018), Xylem Highway (2019) and Finishing School (2023). Sandra has been nominated for a Best Short Fictions award, Best of the Net, and a Pushcart Prize, as well as for aa AWP-sponsored 2023 George Garrett Award for outstanding community services in literature.

Anfang Headshot.jpeg
Kangkan das Profile.jpg

The Interview: Kangkan Das
An Indian Watercolour Artist

The Wise Owl talks to Kangkan Das, a gifted, self-taught, watercolour artist from Tinsukia, Assam (India). Das has participated in several exhibitions in prestigious galleries in India, including the International Exhibition, IWAS, India (2018), National Exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai (2017), National Exhibition at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Kolkata, West Bengal (India) and the International Exhibition, IWS, Shillong (2019).



Eloquent Emotions



Travelogues Musings Essays



Stories of Fantasy Romance History



Movies Books OTT Releases

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Visual Arts
Treat for the Soul

Visual Arts: Painting & Photography

Ebony & gold.jpg


Podcast of Top Articles, Features, Poems and Stories


Neena Singh in conversation with
Richard Grahn, Poet & Artist

Image by Brett Jordan

Haibun written & recited By
Firdaus Parvez


Haibun written & recited By
Bryan Rickert

Haibun written & recited by
Shobhana Kumar

Film By Sasank Abhiram sriram

A writer writes about a murder that happened four years back. A detective follows the clues and finds the murderer.  What happens next?  Does the murderer get caught?  Or does he escape scot-free to wreck vengeance A well-crafted  film that keeps the viewer on the edge .  A short Telgu film with English subtitles.

Image by Jason Leung
Image by Denise Jans

Chinna Chitrala Batchu (CCB), are a group of small screen cinephiles based in Hyderabad, Telangana. They love to share their passion for cinema through portrayal of diverse emotions and characterisations in their films. They aspire to provide entertainment to the cinema-lovers through selection of multi-layered stories that comprise of aspects that captivate the viewers & also leave them pondering.

The Wise Owl Publications

The RepertoireThe Wise Owl
Poetry Yearbook 2022 (January 2023)

chapbook 1.JPG

The Wise Owl Haiku Renditions
              (January 2023)

Ides Chapbook.JPG

The Wise Owl Ides of March Poetry Readings (March 2023)

book cover.JPG
Untitled design (50).jpg

The Repertoire: Poetry Yearbook 2022' was greatly appreciated and well-received. On popular demand, The Wise Owl Team is putting together 'The Collectibles: Eclectic Tales of 2023 which include select stories published in the various editions of The Wise Owl.  Here is a look at the cover of the book. Watch out for its release on 5th April 2023.

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