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Another Copy and Paste?

Antoine Fuqua’s film The Guilty is surprisingly nothing but a shot-by-shot copy & paste of the 2019 Danish film, Den Skylidge which Fuqua claimed had inspired the adaptation. Sandhya Gokhale’s Kasur, (Mistake) a 2019 stage adaptation of the same film, on the other hand is a creative and nuanced rendering by veteran actor Amol Palekar.

~Palak Khurana

Kota Factory Season 2

Preparing children for the JEE exam is big business in India. Kota is the hub of such coaching institutes. Kota factory (Season 1 & 2), a Netflix Original, examines the physical, mental and emotional cost of preparing for this competitive exam not only for children but also for the families because ‘yeh exam ek bachcha nahin, puri family deti hai’

~ Raghav Mishra

The Promise

Damon Galgut’s book ‘The Promise’ is the story of a family living in Pretoria, and struggling with the legacy of apartheid . Maine, an Afrikaner, promises his dying wife that he will transfer the annexe on their property to their black maid Salome. But he fails to keep his promise. The story of a failed promise becomes a reflection of unkept political promises.

~Neel Prabhakar

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