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Candle Burning Ritual


Kathleen Chamberlin is a retired educator living in Albany, New York with her husband and two rescue dogs. She began devoting time to writing creatively during the pandemic quarantine and has been writing ever since. Her work has appeared in Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Open Door Magazine, The World of Myth Magazine and the anthologies The Book of Black, Breath of Love, and Snowdrifts. In addition to writing creatively, she enjoys gardening, genealogy and grandchildren. 

Like a high priestess of old,

I come to worship at your shrine

Bare chested, nipples rouged and erect,

Eyes smoldering, arms outstretched

Bearing offerings

Thinking to capture your soul,

I form each letter

With reverence and awe,

The force is palpable

I murmur my incantation

 With charcoal , I invoke your name

Spellbound: Welcome
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