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Ramgarh - Panoramic Snow View.jpg
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Silver Ramparts

The hills hold a very special place in Chitra Singh’s heart. She takes the readers on an enchanting sojourn to Ramgarh, a quaint getaway in the Kumaon hills. The gorgeous Alpine landscape and the silver ramparts of the Himalayan peaks of Kamet, Nandaghumti and Nanda Devi will appeal to a genuine nature lover.

~Chitra Singh


New-Used Vehicle

When a child gets a driving permit, parents celebrate the occasion as it is the first step into adulthood for a child. Buying the child a car becomes a project all parents look forward to and save up for.  Niles reminiscences about the time when he and his wife buy their young son a new used vehicle. The sparkle in their son’s eye is a cherished memory.

~Niles Reddick

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