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The Seventh Sense

Dentist Chair

Am impending gum surgery sends the author in a tizz. Images of the ‘Die Hard’ Bruce Willis and the ‘The sixth sense’ Willis haunt his dreams. A humorous piece that takes a self-deprecating laugh at the terrified victims of an orthodontist.

~Jeffrey Feingold

The House of Infinite Possibilities

White Wooden House

Jacob Smit’s bungalow sits on the boundaries of Serengeti National Park. Jacob’s friend Lethabo and his stunning girlfriend Blessing are his guests for the weekend. Out for a walk alone one evening, Blessing disappears. Has she become food for Old Sneezer, the huge male lion ? Or has this ‘magnificent creature’ found her place among her own?

~Steve Carr

The Vocal Vocabulary of My Name


An accident of conversation between Della of Washington and Chitra of India, makes Chitra reflect on the magical antecedents of her name, which lay buried under dusty familiarity. 

~Chitra Gopalakrishnan

Courting Controversy

Getting Ready to Run

A teen boy in a new town and a new school, becomes the target of school bullies. The head boy comes to his rescue and offers him moral support. Is this the beginning of a friendship or something else?

~Sanjita Mittal

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