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Guilt of Moderhood

Leda, a professor of Comparative literature, arrives for a dream vacation to a tiny Greek island. Leda’s attention is caught by a mother-daughter duo, who remind her of her younger days when she as a mother of two young girls, had felt opposing tugs of filial love and frustration at missing out on opportunities in life.

~Vrishti Dasgupta

A Biopic With A Difference

This biopic is not a boring and reverent tribute but a dramatic and exciting sojourn with two great scientists, Homi Bhabha and Vikram Sarabhai. This period film also connects with the present when it introduces A.P.J Abdul Kalam as one of the characters of this drama.

~Vani Jaipal

A Rain drenched Missive of Love

A long poem written in the ‘rubai’ tradition’ of Omar Khayyam, with its 150 quatrains in free verse is a delightful read where the reader feasts on sights, sounds and aromas that the poet, has masterfully and effortlessly stroked across the canvas of his poem. Poet-diplomat Abhay K's latest offering is magical and lyrical.

~The Wise Owl Team

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