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A Swallow that Makes Spring

Jernail Anand is Professor Emeritus at The European institute of Roma Studies and Research, Belgrade. Dr Anand has  authored 120 books of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, spirituality and philosophy and is the innovator of the theory of Biotext. 

Between Love and Hate strides the whole world and our actions and thoughts too

have no other quality than being on this or that side of the divide.

Love when practised with passion takes me towards the abode of God turning this world into Eden and brings me close to my all time love Eve leaving no other passion worthy and worth the pains and pangs of a lifetime.

Hate when practised with passion takes me into the heart of the Pandemonium where Satan once addressed the fallen angels and I see myself losing my humanity and turning a monster, a killer, a gangster, a politician with a hundred masks on my face.

O  Gods!  vaccinate me against hatred and inject me with a lethal dose of hope, love, and compassion, so that I firmly remain one among the holy swarm of swallows whose arrival makes Spring.

A Swallow that makes Spring: Welcome
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