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The New Math

Music Set

The author and his music band have been invited to play music for a film but what ensues is almost farcical. Jeffrey Feingold’s story, with its quirky twists and turns, will surely elicit full-throated chuckles and belly-laughs.

~Jeffrey Feingold

Saved for Christmas

Exchanging Gifts

Alison could not afford to go home for Christmas as her education in a prestigious college had drained her financially. She accepted the inevitable but the pain of it made her cry inconsolably. An angel comes to her rescue. A touching story by Aiona Byuwek.

~Aiona Byuwek

The Mother of All Vaccines


Prejudice and bias have become an inextricable part of our lives and society. It is this baseless prejudice that is destroying the very fabric of our society where humans are meant to live in companionable peace. Murali Kamma takes a satirical shot at this prejudice.

~Murali Kamma

The Sun-kissed Maiden

Image by photo nic

As children, we have all listened entranced to fairy tales about sylphs and maidens with magical powers. These fairy tales always had an underlying moral- the triumph of good over bad and how magic kept good people safe from harm. The sun-kissed maiden is one such story of magic and mystery.

~Katrenia G. Busch

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