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Larger than Life

Gangubai emerges from the brothels of Kamathipura, her spirit unfazed by the demeaning work of a sex worker. She then devotes her life to fighting for the rights of sex workers. She wants sex work to be treated with the same respect as any other career, and for the children of sex workers to have equal access to school. Dr Ramandeep Mahal reviews the film ‘Gangubhai Kathiawadi’ with a deft hand.

~Dr Ramandeep Mahal

The Unease of the Unloved

Jane Campion's brilliantly directed film, 'The Power of the Dog' is based on Thomas Savage's novel of the same name. A story of toxic masculinity, it has at the heart of it the pain and isolation of a gay Phil Burbank. This masterly crafted film has won the Oscar for Best Director, the Golden Globe Award 2022 for the Best Motion Picture-Drama and the BAFTA Award 2022 for the Best Picture. Balpreet reviews this amazing film.


A Collection that pulls at your Heartstrings

Shailja Sharma’s poetry collection entitled ‘Dear Mama: An Immigrant’s Secret Cry’ is another addition to the sea of immigrant literature. What sets her poetry apart from other works of this genre in that although her collection begins on a note of despondent, dislocated bleakness, common to immigrant literature, it emerges into the sunshine when it dismisses the sense of foreignness and alienation, says The Wise Owl Team.

~The Wise Owl Team

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