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When the Conch was Blown

When they failed to subdue the evil and demonic forces, came the creation of an all women force. Of the determined ones! Those who were ensoulment of myriad virtues, qualities and quirks! With scope for perfection yet acclaimed perfect. Each complimenting the other. Not gloating in their own glory but seeking prowess from consorts and each other. United with a common goal and objective. Of wiping off the Asurs-the inharmonious ones!

When the conch was blown,

Came they together!

The heart conquistador and evil invader Jayanti.

The Good Samaritan, blazing light emanation- Mangala.

The black gold, holy, that liminal kali, that Bhadrakali and the Kapali(ni).

The Durga! The Impassable cavern! the gritty-grind born.

Exculpating and atoning, the penancing sinners-that Kshama.

Benign, beneficent, the benevolent Shiva.

Rearing, nurturing, fostering-feeding-Dhatri.

Obliterating all clones of Andhak- the darkness! That vigorous Swaha.

Swadha! Incarnating, empowering thyself with desired virtues. Bringing bliss to living beings, 

and to those to whom humanity owns lineage.

And Innumerable others! Leading and following!

Thus, together they wiped off the evil, villainous and demonic forces and traits.

And brought respect, salutations and reverence upon themselves.

Bestowing a nine-day celebration to womanhood!!

And passing the baton to posterity fem- the conch and the trident. The lotus and the anklet. 

Apace with, in conjunction. For accent of humanity’s gloriole till eternity.

~Kavita Bhatnagar,

When the Conch was Blown: Welcome
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