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Fiction: The Dead Pond


A dinner brings together old college mates Aditya, Ashok and Anjali. But there are strong undercurrents. Are they what they seem to be or is it just a façade for a secret mission or other nefarious and seditious activities? The main course offers no clue, but the dinner culminates in the Dessert and truth is finally revealed.  

~Chitra Singh

The Dead Pond

Jamila had arrived with her family from Pakistan for the three-day Urs at the Hazrat Mujaddid Alfasani Dargah in Fatehgarh Sahib in India. But her eyes sought a figure from the past. Her heart yearned and cried out with utter hopelessness for Bant Kaur and Billa, who were lost in the mists of time. Would she find what she had lost? Or carry the pain of irredeemable loss all her life?

~Ranjit Powar

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