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Abbie Stirling

Abbie Lynn is a cyclist, dancer, world traveller, lover of the arts, yogi, surfer, mountaineer, anthropologist who feels at home alone in the world. She has been teaching Physical Education, Health, Nutrition and Wellness since 2010 in the United States. Some of her favourite books include The Middlesex, This Is How You Lose Her, Half Broke Horses, City of Girls and The Signature of All Things. Her favourite poets are Rumi and Maya Angelou. Overall, curiosity is what drives her need to know more. More about people, the world, nature, languages, cultures and much more.

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Mischa Pearson

Mischa Pearson

Mischa is a writer. She also owns an NGO fighting food waste and hunger. She is owner and founder of ‘The Teapot Project’ which is Suffolk’ Covid-19 emergency and response team. She studied Sustainable leadership at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. A lovely lady with a sensitive soul.

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Pravat Kumar Padhy

Pravat Kumar Padhy holds a Master of Science and a Ph.D from Indian Institute of Technology, ISM Dhanbad. He is a mainstream poet and a writer of Japanese short forms of poetry (haiku, tanka, haiga, haibun, tanka prose).  His poem 'How Beautiful' is included in the undergraduate curriculum at the university level. Pravat’s haiku won The Kloštar Ivanić International Haiku Award, Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Invitational Award, IAFOR Vladimir Devidé Haiku Award, Setouchi Matsuyama Photo Haiku Award and others. His haiku are featured at Mann Library, Cornell University and tanka is figured in 'Kudo Resource Guide', University of California, Berkeley. Pravat has been nominated as the panel judge of ‘The Haiku Foundation Touchstone Awards’, USA and is also  on the editorial board of the journal, ‘Under the Basho’.

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Ranjit Powar

Ranjit Powar

Author of Dusk over the Mustard Fields and Living a Good Life. She writes freelance and reviews books for newspapers, most often with her dog Teddy sprawled next to her desk. After serving in the Punjab Civil services, she presently runs a non-profit organization, Nishan Educational Trust, training school teachers in psychological orientation in pedagogy. Deeply involved with humanitarian issues and cross-border peace efforts, she hopes to resume her second passion soon – travelling.

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Rachna Singh

A doctorate in English literature and a former bureaucrat, she has authored Penny Panache (2016), Myriad Musings (2016), Financial Felicity (2017) & The Bitcoin Saga: A Mixed Montage (2019). She writes regularly for National Dailies and has also been reviewing books for the The Tribune for more than a decade. She runs a YouTube Channel, Kuch Tum Kaho Kuch Hum Kahein which brings to the viewers poetry of established poets of Hindi and Urdu. She loves music and is learning to play the piano.

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Chitra Singh - Profile Photo.JPG

Chitra Singh

Born in a family of the landed gentry in eastern U.P., She studied in premier schools. She has Master’s degree in English Literature and a Post Graduate degree in Mass Communication. She has free lanced with many English Dailies and magazines, writing mostly human interest features, travelogues, and stories about forest life which she greatly loved. Her forte is writing Middles. She has  varied interests like gardening, cooking, fine embroidery and dabbling in the share market. One of her favourite pastimes is regaling her grandchildren with tales of yore. 

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Mrinalini Oberoi

Mrinalini Oberoi is an adventure enthusiast and anything that bespeaks of adventure has her adrenalin pumping. She is a part of a mixed group of riders who take to the hills on their Harley Davidsons every few months. In her day-to-day life, she is an engineer but on weekends she becomes a rider, a cyclist or a trekker. She is based in Delhi and watches films to relax after a gruelling excursion.

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Dhananjay Kelkar

Dhananjay Kelkar lives in Bombay and works in the senior management of a corporate office. During the weekdays he applies himself assiduously to his work, but he keeps the weekends to pursue his passion-films and cricket. He is part of a group of film lovers, who whimsically call themselves the ‘Big Bosses of Bollywood’. He is also a part of a cricket lovers’ group that makes it a point to organise and play matches every other month in a rundown park in Andheri. They call themselves ‘The squad’.

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Pari Deshmukh

Pari is a student at the NYU Department of English. She loves reading and finds spare time to read books rather than browse digital versions of the book available online. She also has some very strong opinions about right and wrong and loves helping out the underdogs of the world.

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Nehal J Wani

Nehal is a computer Science graduate and a keen traveller. He loves travelling and watching films and despite a heavy work schedule manages to find time for both his loves. He is hoping against hope that the pandemic wears off so that he can travel without restrictions and fear of illness. He loves to capture the finer points of design intricacies in his lens. Currently based in New York, USA.

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Harmeet Singh

Harmeet is a watercolour artist and an ace photographer based in New Chandigarh. He has several solo and group shows to his credit including at Taj Art Gallery, AIFACS, Lalit Kala, Delhi and Chandigarh. His works are displayed at IIM Bangalore, NADT Nagpur and are a part of some private collections in Amsterdam, New York, San Fransisco and Geneva. He is preparing for his next solo show in Delhi in March 2022.

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Kaveri Bajaj

Kaveri Bajaj is a home-maker based in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. She is involved in restoration work of old historical monuments. She likes to photograph the splendour of historical buildings. Sometimes she also takes to capturing humans in her camera lens.

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